PML(N) Punjab Social Media

Our Motto

The current world is quite rampant with modern technology replacing the old techniques. With advancement in every field, social media has become an important tool to provide audience with the latest information. It has stamped its importance by playing a vital role in galvanising the people belonging to different groups, political parties are no exception. Social media’s colossal role in spreading awareness among masses can not be denied. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has always focused to use social media for positive purposes. Keeping in view the party guidelines. We focus on spreading the message of PML-N to each and every citizen of Pakistan voluntarily. We assure that the authenticity of information is prioritised while curbing the false news.

PML(N) Punjab Social Media

Our Doctrine

* We try to show the positive image of Pakistan.
* We nullify the biased propaganda against PML-N.
* We highlight the innumerable projects laid down by PML-N.
* We work for Civilian Supermacy which is the soul of our constitution.
* We assure the authenticity of news provided by us.
* We do constructive criticism for our country’s betterment.
* We avoid all sorts of personal maligning and bullying.
* We reply our political opponents with facts and figures.
* We refrain from engaging ourselves in any sort of malice.
* We focus on defying the fake news.
* We adhere to moral values.
* We work voluntarily for our party.
* We maintain a strict check and balance.
* We raise awareness among the people.
* We rely on multiple sources before publishing any information.

President PML(N) Punjab Secretariat